THE pepper EXPRESS: Columbia, CA

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Columbia, CA

This past weekend we visited Columbia, Ca; which is a National Historic Park that was founded during the gold rush. Visiting this little city is very nostalgic for me; growing up we would come here for field trips in elementary school or it was our picnic stop for the moaning caverns. So when it comes to boomtowns this is my place.

 ^I'm just waiting for the pepper
 ^^Great Music
 ^^  At The Blacksmith
 ^^How cute is this little cottage
 ^^No Thank You
 ^^Yes Please! Sarsaparillas are my favorite!

 ^^Sarsaparillas and peanuts YUM!
 ^^The Original Soda Pop?

 ^This is the OLD SCHOOL...

 ^^I couldn't resist
 These boulders are what I dream about. Growing up I had so much fun jumping from boulder to boulder. This photo does not do these rocks justice. They are higher than a two story building. We played a game of Hide-And-Seek and that only lasted two rounds. It was very difficult. We always end a day in Columbia by visiting the Ice Cream Parlor. This day was particularly hot so it was much needed!

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