THE pepper EXPRESS: June 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vacation Ideas

Summer is officially here and I'm itching to go on a road trip. Just get in the car and pick a direction.  With any road trip you need some darn good tunes. I'm stuck on listening to Vampire Weekend and Of Monsters and Men. Plus you need something to read, and anything written by David Sedaris is hilarious. Someone give me some cut offs and sunglasses and I'll be good.
Vacation Ideas

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Best Friends Wedding

My very best friend Kristen and I have spent the last year planning our weddings together. She was a huge part in My Wedding and I was very thankful to be part of hers. Here are some of the photos I tried to sneak during her big day. I'm not going to lie, I'm not the best photographer. So these photos are my tribute to her and how wonderful her day went.

Bridesmaid Gifts


The Gorgeous Bride

 Bridal Party Photos


The wedding venue was located at Scribner Bend Vineyards which is a beautiful winery near Sacramento that must be visited. My favorite was their Almond Champagne.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FEED USA + Target

June 30th here we go...
I have followed @laurenbushlauren on instagram for a long time. 
She is an inspiration and I love everything that she has accomplished. 
A couple years ago I fell in love with the FEED Guatemala pouch at American Eagle. I still use it to this day. When I purchased the bag I was thrilled to know that I had generated funds to help UNICEF. Now that FEED will be available at Target, I'm even more psyched. So let's do this! Everyone pitch in and buy one of these amazing totes at Target and you'll not only help 
feed nutrition but also have a wondeful bag to recycle and reuse!!!
Plus much more...

Feed + Target

Friday, June 14, 2013

Remember those skirts...

Remember those skirts I was talking about. Yes indeed I will be wearing one everyday! The weather is hot and I am not going to be wearing pants to work! Here I have a skirt and blazer that I found at Forever 21 last year. It was about time I unfolded my summer clothes!

PS: You know I love black heels!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

sKirt Season

Do you ever spell a word and think... thats not how you spell it... SKIRT. It doesn't look right. 
Yes the weather has hit the triple digits. When you walk out side it is scorching! While inside the office it is a beautiful 75 degrees. Skirts are my summer time obsession. I usually wear them to work June through September. And this year I want to pump up my plain Jane colors with crazy patterns. 

Confession: I do not like animal prints. Although I do like animals printed on my fabrics??? You will never catching me wearing cheetah or zebra print.

sKirt Season

Alaïa green skirt / Alaïa flare skirt,/ MSGM printed skirt / Topshop knee length denim skirt

By the way any of these skirts would look great with black heels!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Columbia, CA

This past weekend we visited Columbia, Ca; which is a National Historic Park that was founded during the gold rush. Visiting this little city is very nostalgic for me; growing up we would come here for field trips in elementary school or it was our picnic stop for the moaning caverns. So when it comes to boomtowns this is my place.

 ^I'm just waiting for the pepper
 ^^Great Music
 ^^  At The Blacksmith
 ^^How cute is this little cottage
 ^^No Thank You
 ^^Yes Please! Sarsaparillas are my favorite!

 ^^Sarsaparillas and peanuts YUM!
 ^^The Original Soda Pop?

 ^This is the OLD SCHOOL...

 ^^I couldn't resist
 These boulders are what I dream about. Growing up I had so much fun jumping from boulder to boulder. This photo does not do these rocks justice. They are higher than a two story building. We played a game of Hide-And-Seek and that only lasted two rounds. It was very difficult. We always end a day in Columbia by visiting the Ice Cream Parlor. This day was particularly hot so it was much needed!

Black Heels

So I might have a collection of black heels. I was going through my shoes and found I have way too many black heels. Some kill my feet and others I can walk in them all day long. These are a few I found that could add to my collection. However...

Black Heels

1. ASOS open toe heels2. Steve Madden heels 3. ASOS open toe heels,  4. GUESS heeled sandals  5. Zara ankle strap high heels 6. Zara sandal heels 7. Zara sandal heels

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