THE pepper EXPRESS: This was my weekend. How was yours?

Monday, May 20, 2013

This was my weekend. How was yours?

Usually every weekend is jammed packed with events and birthday parties. 
This weekend we had it to ourselves!
There was a wonderful enjoyment of being able to spend time with the family with out the weekday rush. 

Tis the season for the Cherry Festival. In Linden, CA (where my husband grew up) they have the Cherry Festival every year. C & D where part of the cutest parade. C held her banner up high, 

while Mr. D played his trumpet with pride. They were the cutest. 

The weather was perfect, just enough shade under the orchard trees to fall asleep. 
Sundays are best for the farmers markets. Our local farmers market is found in front of a Lowes. So after our grocery shopping of local organics we found our self in the lumber aisle. I always have an interest to make something found on Pinterest, and walking the aisles of Lowes just peaked my...interest. 
The lumber is pricey but if you find a good price... grab it! 
And once a month we stock up at Trader Joe's. Especially on the yummy Indian food!
The weekend isn't complete without a visit to the park. Now this park was an older park. A park I used to visit when I was young. The original metal slide with wood stairs are still intact. 
The only problem I have is: The Sand. For some reason I hate the yucky sand at local parks. 
The weekend ended with movie night, and instead of doing the traditional popcorn we chose fruits. C & D love the mangoes and me and my hubs love the blackberries... I can eat them by the crate!

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