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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Honestly I am new to blogging. I only have a few posts under my belt. So I thought I should introduce my self. Here are 25 random things about ME!

I am the oldest child of three sisters and one brother.
Born and raised in Lodi, CA
I was on the diving team in high school
Ten years of piano lessons
I am a Vegetarian
Worked at Hollywood video when I was a teenager. >The reason I'm a movie BUFF
I love the smell of a Ticonderoga pencil.
Collector of Starbucks mugs... (expensive habit)
I also collect smashed pennies!!!
Right handed
I'm addicted to chewing gum
Every time my Grandma catches me chewing gum, she makes me spit it OUT
I visited Anne Frank's Annex when I was 13
Anytime there is a photo booth around, I must take a photo in it!
I bite my nails. To stop my self from biting I often get manicures.
My husband and I were married on our six year anniversary
My mother lives in Montana
I've hiked Half Dome 
My Step babies call me Mama
I really do not like the nickname Jenny... I mainly go by Jenn
Craziest thing I have ever done: Feed marsh mellows to crocodiles in the everglades
I'm nearsighted
When I was young, I split my head open more than five times
My favorite ice cream is rocky road
And my middle name is Dianne

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