THE pepper EXPRESS: May 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

Black & White & Red All Over

I was a little sun burnt from the memorial weekend. But wearing my little black dress cheered me up.
I bought the shoes from Windsor and truly they hurt when I walk. Luckily I work in an office where I can sit at my desk all day. The dress is from Target and one of the most comfortable dresses I own. Next time I will be wearing this outfit with sandals!!! My eye glasses were necessary as I am nearsighted and I usually wear them on a daily basis.

ps the wind was insane and this location wasn't my favorite... but fun

Summer Summer Summer TIME!

Memorial Day kicked off summer for me. I went through my drawers to find my shorts and I only found jeans and khaki boring shorts. I was so simple last year and tried to stick with the simple plane jane summer style. This year I am going to amp up my style with some colored shorts and who wouldn't want that gorgeous Great Gatsby clutch from Kate Spade?
Summer Summer Summer TIME!

Madewell polka dot tank // Dorothy Perkins // Jack Wills // Timeless patent shoes, $34 // Olympia Le-Tan olympia le tan // Kate Spade // Kate Spade bangle // Kate Spade bracelet // 
Banana Republic straw fedora hat, $39//

Thursday, May 30, 2013

So San Francisco

This day was a great one. Not only was I with some pretty awesome girls; I was also in my favorite city. The night before was exhausting so we decided to go to some of our favorite places.
Which included everything on The Embarcadero!

When the photo booth is broken you need to improvise
Beer 39!
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!
Bitter sweet goodbyes to the city. Especially when you're tired and sitting in a BART station.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hats, Hats and more HATS!

I usually match every outfit with a hat. Im always disappointed when I'm unable to wear a hat... like every weekday. No hats allowed at the office... sad face! These are a few that I have found. Some are a little expensive but I have a few favorites from

Untitled #9

CA4LA / Rag & Bone leather hat / Rag & Bone leather hat / Paul Smith / Bird hat / Jenny Bird leather hat / Brixton caps hat / Brixton fedora / Topshop / Miss Selfridge / RVCA hat

Monday, May 27, 2013

San Francisco Giants Game...

What a great way to spend a bachelorette party. The Bride and her bridesmaids enjoyed an awesome game on Saturday. If you didn't watch the game... WE WON with Angel Pagan hitting it home! The afternoon consisted of Gilroy garlic fries and the Coca Cola slide! Plus we made our own signs for the bride "This girl is going going gone!" Truly we were exhausted by the end of the day but we still had more to come with that night... don't worry there will be more to come from this fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bachelorette Party This Weekend!

San Francisco Giants Game/ Bachlorette Party

My best friend is getting married and we have decided to start the night off with a Giants Game! This is what im looking forward to wearing! Comfy casual all the way. I'm just missing the Garlic Fries!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Honestly I am new to blogging. I only have a few posts under my belt. So I thought I should introduce my self. Here are 25 random things about ME!

I am the oldest child of three sisters and one brother.
Born and raised in Lodi, CA
I was on the diving team in high school
Ten years of piano lessons
I am a Vegetarian
Worked at Hollywood video when I was a teenager. >The reason I'm a movie BUFF
I love the smell of a Ticonderoga pencil.
Collector of Starbucks mugs... (expensive habit)
I also collect smashed pennies!!!
Right handed
I'm addicted to chewing gum
Every time my Grandma catches me chewing gum, she makes me spit it OUT
I visited Anne Frank's Annex when I was 13
Anytime there is a photo booth around, I must take a photo in it!
I bite my nails. To stop my self from biting I often get manicures.
My husband and I were married on our six year anniversary
My mother lives in Montana
I've hiked Half Dome 
My Step babies call me Mama
I really do not like the nickname Jenny... I mainly go by Jenn
Craziest thing I have ever done: Feed marsh mellows to crocodiles in the everglades
I'm nearsighted
When I was young, I split my head open more than five times
My favorite ice cream is rocky road
And my middle name is Dianne

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    This was my weekend. How was yours?

    Usually every weekend is jammed packed with events and birthday parties. 
    This weekend we had it to ourselves!
    There was a wonderful enjoyment of being able to spend time with the family with out the weekday rush. 

    Tis the season for the Cherry Festival. In Linden, CA (where my husband grew up) they have the Cherry Festival every year. C & D where part of the cutest parade. C held her banner up high, 

    while Mr. D played his trumpet with pride. They were the cutest. 

    The weather was perfect, just enough shade under the orchard trees to fall asleep. 
    Sundays are best for the farmers markets. Our local farmers market is found in front of a Lowes. So after our grocery shopping of local organics we found our self in the lumber aisle. I always have an interest to make something found on Pinterest, and walking the aisles of Lowes just peaked my...interest. 
    The lumber is pricey but if you find a good price... grab it! 
    And once a month we stock up at Trader Joe's. Especially on the yummy Indian food!
    The weekend isn't complete without a visit to the park. Now this park was an older park. A park I used to visit when I was young. The original metal slide with wood stairs are still intact. 
    The only problem I have is: The Sand. For some reason I hate the yucky sand at local parks. 
    The weekend ended with movie night, and instead of doing the traditional popcorn we chose fruits. C & D love the mangoes and me and my hubs love the blackberries... I can eat them by the crate!

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