THE pepper EXPRESS: Kauai From My iPhone

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kauai From My iPhone

During my bachelorette party (on St. Patrick's day in SF) I lost my Canon camera.
So before I left on our honeymoon I invested in another Canon with wifi! Oh Boy!
The same day I came home with my new Canon; my new hubby bought me a new iPhone!
I must say taking photos on my iPhone was more accessible than taking the camera out.
So here is what I have based on Mr. iPhone:


Out of State License Plate!!!

Aston Islander on the Beach!

 I was not tipsy at this point

Just a little uncomfortable in a bikini at this point!

Getting a little more comfy.

Caffe Coco... Yummy Vegan Food!


These bananas were so cute I didn't want to eat him!

^^^This was the hike to our secret beach

I bought this wet suit in the boys section at Target.
I was very comfortable when we were snorkeling


This is what I looked like before getting on out island jumper plane!
No makeup so my Fendi sunglasses had to cover up and the fedora disguised my awful hair!

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