THE pepper EXPRESS: The Honeymooners are back in town

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Honeymooners are back in town

We were gone for 9 days.
Oh what a joy that was. "Just the two of us..."
We slept in and had no where to go or be on time.
It was marvelous. I am being very selfish when I say that I had him all to myself.
He wasn't managing or being a father. He was my husband and my best friend.
There were times I had the urge to call Carlie & Dean and see what they were doing, however I had to remind my self that this was our time.
The first couple of days were spent on the island of Kauai. Oh what a paradise!
Then we island jumped to Oahu, and this island was busy busy go go... Las Vegas status.
Waikiki Beach is crazy packed with stores
and restaurants and galore...  Oahu is a pretty big island.
Coming back home I wanted to reflect on our lovely honeymoon only to realize we had taken over 3300 photos!!! My oh my these are some of my favorites:

Ok ok ... so I was trying to steal a coconut...
I didn't realize it was going to be so hot and humid... Thank you Hair for acting crazy!
There's going to be a lot of these... remember... Honeymooners!
I love this man and his coconuts!
Foot prints in the sand with shadows of the giants!
On the USS Arizona

Kiss me AGAIN!
Polynesian Culture Center
Happily Ever After
on Hanauma Bay

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