THE pepper EXPRESS: March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013


This is the man I am going to marry tomorrow! Well he is 30 years older but yea this guy right here^^^

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flower Farm Inn

I've wanted to blog about my wedding and the venue I chose. 
However with planning a Wedding in less than 3 months, I've had my hands tied.
We decided on Flower Farm Inn ... in January. And today we have one week until the wedding. The small details are wracking my brain. Seating charts and wedding programs are among some of the tedious tasks I have. Last night RJ sat me down and recommended I get a helping hand! I have some pretty awesome friends and my friend Jessica had jumped on board for the weddings programs (it only makes since, since she did the invitations.) Now the Seating tags I made gave me a challenge. I used these Avery Tags i purchased from They were cheaper than buying them at 
Office Depot. And I signed up for Amazon Prime and they shipped within two days!
I have a vintage/rustic wedding theme, and when I recieved the tags they were pure white. They would offset any "rustic" vibe I was trying to send. First thing first; I stained the tags with tea. This was a little messy but fun. I used a glass casserole dish and poured my brewed tea into it. I let each paper set for 30 seconds or more. I forgot about a few and they came out darker (which added a rustic edge.) Once all the papers were dried I started using the templates. For some reason this was not working. I had my fiance measure and make his on template on microsoft word. Sometimes I dont know what I would do without him! Then we used some vintage stamps and stamped each tag differently and printed everyones names. For some reason this DIY was annoying and there were so many factors that I didnt think of. But the end result came out just the way I wanted. We took an rustic frame from Hobby Lobby and stappled twine across the width. Then using mini clothespins from again and pinned each name on the twin. This presentation will be set on 
Antique ironing boards provided by the grooms Grandmother.
Next on my to do list: Mock Trial of Repunzles hair (aka my flower girls hair.)

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