THE pepper EXPRESS: January 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Truckee, NV

It was my best friends birthday this past weekend. We all drove up to Truckee and stayed in a beautiful cabin fit for all nine of us. The weather was perfect for a snowy winter day and of course we wanted to go outside and play. (I'm not intending on rhyming this entire post...)

Here is our birthday girl:
I wore my Hunter boots and it wasn't the best idea. I forgot to wear the insulated socks. My feet were cold most of the time. But they stayed dry!?!
All of us ladies:
Our Mr. Snowman:
Once it began to snow we ran inside to enjoy the heat and pool table.
Julie knows what she is doing: Penguin Style!
I love wearing pigtails :)
This is our makeshift slope. The boys work long and hard to create this for us.
The only problem with our makeshift slope is there was NO lift!
 And we woke up to a beautiful fresh morning covered in snow!

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