THE pepper EXPRESS: 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Las Vegas in November

We started the holiday weekend in a walnut orchard where 
Surrounded by family and lots of food!

And then we went to LAS VEGAS for my brother in laws 21st birthday!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Impromptu Trip to Montana

My husband planned a surprise trip to Montana to visit my family. We are getting married next year and it was a vacation before the real planning begins!
We hiked to the top of the Rimrock and took some great photos of Billings, MT

And some silly ones too

Silly Sisters
One of my favorite places to visit in Billings is Off The Leaf Coffee Bar
Love you Momma!

My family is very competitive. So when there is a blizzard outside we play Yahtzee!

The snow made for a wonderful backdrop for our family photos!

Thank you honey for this wonderful trip

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yesterday was my BiRtHdAy

And this is what I did:
We climbed to Coit Tower in San Francisco
I took too many photos with my iPhone
 Kristen's hair blew in the wind
We made it to the TOWER
This was our view
She is looking stylish with that scarf that I want
Best Friends:
A succulent that was bigger than my head!

We goof off a little too much
I am a pescetarian and he is a vegan... he does not eat calamari... but I do!
 Beautiful view of the Bay Bridge

Monday, August 20, 2012

Newcastle Wedding Gardens

Georgia and Steven welcomed us into their lovely home this past weekend. While admiring her decor I smelled a magnificent aroma coming from her kitchen. She had floral arrangements ready to go for the present days wedding. Steven lead the tour and was very enthusiastic. Their backyard turned into a beautiful shabby chic venue and The Red Horse Barn is idealistic for our reception. I believe my family would enjoy the atmosphere of this venue. The barn is exactly what I want: a rustic wedding! We ended the tour at the ceremony site and tears prickled my eyes. I could invision my self walking down the aisle. Georgia helped with all of our vegetarian questions. She has done it all: catering, floral arrangements, and also she is an amazing wedding planner. She is well worth the price.
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