Monday, October 20, 2014

The City Was Our Stage

We always plan for a cool day in the bay area. I will always over pack and bring extra clothes especially when we are taking family photos. I was hoping for some nice foggy family photos with the bridge in the background. But the weather decided to be cheerful and maybe a little to warm for us. I had the baby dressed in a sweater dress with tights, Carlie and Dean had several layers on and my husband was required to wear his blazer. As much as I wanted to keep my hair down for the pictures, I would absentmindedly throw it up in a ponytail. We met my cousin Lupe D Brooke at the Ferry Building and started the family photos. We pretended to smile because everyone was hangry. We pretended to be cheerful because everyone was being mean. And poor Solin did not have her nap, she was the crankiest of all of us. I assumed we would have a great shoot, but like I said we were very hungry and angry at the same time. We decided to buy some treats around the shops located inside the Ferry Building and once we were satiated and baby had slept a good 40 minutes… We were ready.
(Sister Love)
(We love these fungi a little too much as you can see from this past post HERE)
(Breastfeeding is difficult when you are out in public. We actually had a panhandler come up to us and ask for money and then apologized because he knew I was indisposed)
(She loves being naked... what can I say)
(Mr. Dean uses the city blocks like a jungle gym)
(Stairs to the Coit Tower)
(Enjoyed a beautiful stroll in Washington Square Park)
(If you ever get a chance to visit Little Italy in San Francisco you must go HERE)
(Only the best!)
(I love seeing her fall asleep on daddy's shoulder)
(We wanted to try something new and the Honey Pie was beyond AMAZING. There was north beach honey, scallions, mozzarella, and fried caramelized onions. The assortment together was a delicious treat!)
(She is only 6 months old and I think she is tired of me taking photos of her... but she loves to chew on everything!)
(And of course we had to get Gelato for dessert)
After the grueling time spent taking family photos. My husband wanted to make this trip memorable so we went out and explored parts of the city we had never seen before. Once we all had some pizza and gelato we were ready to conquer the world.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Life #Instagrammed

I took a small hiatus from Instagram in September. But now I am back and posting more than ever. If you want to follow along you can find me @pepperexpress

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear Solin,

Last night you were sitting between your big sister and I. We were playing with your baby toys and making them squeak for you. When one of your toys fell off the couch you dove after it. Tumbled onto your back and fell pretty hard. Hard enough to bounce up again. You cried for a very long time. And I sat there holding you in tears as well thinking what could I have done differently. How can I protect you from simple every day things. You were in my grasp and acted to fast for me or your sister to even catch you. I'm afraid that there will be more instances like this. But lets pray and hope that you don't become a daredevil like your mother. I have too many scars to count from my Evil Knieval days. Three scars on my chin, two on my for head, and a dozen to count on the back of my head. I could only imagine the terror my mother went through when I would split my head open from jumping on the bed. Or when I would try and chart the distances from the couch to the glass coffee table which is the equivalent of many many stitches. I am hoping that you are scared of heights like your father and are not a thrill seeker like your mother. Solin be courageous but not to brave. Little one please be safe.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dell' Osso Farms

My main reason of going to the pumpkin patch is because: it is Solin’s first Halloween! I know that I am even more excited than she is. She really didn’t even know what was going on. But for memory sake I will take lots and lots of photos just in case she doesn't have enough already!
 The sun was warm but the wind was blowing.
She really didn't care about what was going on, she just wanted to play with the hay and all the pumpkins
 One of our favorite things to do at Dell' Osso is the Pumpkin Blasters. We could spend hours launching pumpkins to ring the bells.
 My lovely family ready for some pumpkin picking!
One of the hardest things about a baby is keeping those shoes on! At least the moccasins are comfortable.
 Solin doesn't even know how to crawl yet. But she can put one foot in front of the other.
And she is at the point where she loves her sippy cups.
 My little Carlie Rae is always such a big help

 You can find some delicious pumpkin pie in here>>
 Well the prices are steep if you think about it. But I think you are paying more for the experience than anything
Yes we cheated and walked through the corn instead of finding our way through the maze

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