Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let's Go Camping

Every Summer around my birthday we usually venture off to South Lake Tahoe for the Labor Day weekend. This year instead of staying in our time share we are CAMPING! I'm so excited that I keep making lists in my head. And double checking them just to make sure that we have everything. This would be my ultimate camping wardrobe... because you need to wear clothes that can be worn and torn. Plus at night time it gets a little chilly.
Let's Go Camping

Dear Solin,

You are five months old. I don't believe it. Time is deceiving me.
22 weeks have gone by...over 150 days and you have became the cutest little munchkin.

 Your smiles and facial expressions are my amusement everyday. I love seeing your blue eyes light up when I come home from work. You smile so big and bright. Your hair and nails are growing long. I must clip your sharp little finger nails weekly; otherwise you might hurt yourself or even mommy. You laugh at your sister's facial expressions. And you think your brother is crazy by his sound effects. You are in love with your daddy’s voice. He sings boastfully throughout the house and you listen intently. My hair is always tangled in your little hands. I read that postpartum women start losing their hair.
But I believe most of my hair is caught between your little fingers.
Whenever you are a little fussy or tired. We go outside and sit in the rocking chair and watch the trees dance and the leaves fall. Your love for the outside grows everyday.

P.S. your first tooth came in last week… and you bit mommy... hard!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Life #Instagrammed

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry for the overload of Solin photos. I have this fear that all of her baby photos will disappear and she will have nothing to look back on. And then I will read an Instagram feed in which someones profile was deleted and my anxiety shoots through the roof! So here I am backing up all my photos upon photos. Not only do I have them on my phone, computer, Instagram, Facebook, but now I will also give them to you.
Loving the Instagram feed. Find me @pepperexpress

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Solenne/Solin Summit

Solin Grey received a wonder visit from her namesake this weekend
(you can read the story of her name HERE.)
 We had our annual family reunion and Solin was greeted by her cousin Solenne! Every year Solenne and her mother Robin travel all the way from France to visit our family in California. This year was very much important because the two were going to be introduced:

The day was filled with magic shows, swimming pools and too much food. But the little girls were the reason for the season.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

Happy Happy Birthday to me...
Unfortunately in September I will be turning 28...
When I hear that number I cringe. I feel so old.
This year I go to my 10 year high school reunion.
This year I will be celebrating 8 years at my place of employment.
This year my baby girl will be turning one...
ok ok lets not get over our heads now...
I want my baby to stay small forever and ever.
By the way wouldn't it be great if I started blogging again
and posting photos of my little one?
I think I can... I think I can...

Birthday Wishlist