Saturday, September 13, 2014

What to Wear to the Fair

Our grape festival is in town and we make it an annual tradition to ride the rides and eat the food! Last year I was pregnant and could not ride the rides. This year I am prepared! The weather is going to hot. which means you need your sunglasses and a hat. Last year I wore a large brimmed hat... not fun. This year I am going to try a baseball cap with comfy shorts and a simple flowy white shirt. I might even try some red lips!?!
What to Wear to the Fair

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Solin

My poor baby! You are teething and not happy about it either. You are 24 weeks old ( do I keep counting by weeks or months at this point?) how about 171 days old (too much?) Okay Okay so you are 5 months 2 weeks and one day old… statistically speaking. And you have your third tooth coming in from the top. You are mean to mommy when she is feeding you. You thinks its funny when she yells ouch when you clamp down. And you love biting down on daddy’s finger. Your auntie Katie bought you a really cute banana toothbrush (here) and Mr. Banana is your favorite to chomp on. I hope you're not mad that I am documenting this cry baby face of yours. But I love it. I feel guilty that sometimes I watch you cry because you are just so darn cute. Your cry sounds like a baby doll and it is adorable. Yesterday you tried your first baby food. Momma made you a sweet potato and you LOVED IT! Your feet were excited and your hands were grabbing for more… We are going to have so much fun with our purees.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Falling in Love with September

Autumn is 12 days away! My favorite season is almost here... hurry up and get here so I can wear my cute hats and scarves with my leather booties! I need to put away my sandals and bring out my collection of scarves and socks. This is the season when I darken my eye shadow just a little bit and start wearing warm neutral colors. Sunglasses are an accessory that travels well between seasons... and those jeans!
Fall in Love with September

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Birds One Post

Earlier this year my eyeglass prescription changed… because I was pregnant. I did not know that your eyesight can improve when you become a prego!?! After visiting my doctor and being appalled by their prices in frames. I decided to search elsewhere. There was a wonderful recommendation from the Two in Love blog for Warby Parker. I bought some wonderful Chamberlain frames in Saddle Sage  and I have enjoyed their quality so much that I would like to buy their sunglasses. As advertised on their blog you can Home Try-On five pairs of sunglasses for 5 DAYS!!! I picked out my five favorite frames and they sent them to me the next day!
I’m killing two birds with one stone today because I am excited about the new app from #PartyParty. You can take photo booth quality photos and turn them into a GIF or have them in a photo square collage:
Sometimes I like to goof around and take a lot of silly photos. My only disappointment is that you can not delete a bad photo. When you take your 9 or so photos and an ugly photo appears… 
there is no option to delete it.
***Last night I updated the app and they have fixed this!!!
Yes I loved them a little too much. Making a decision was hard. Here are my favorites:

Five sunglasses to choose from  and I could only decide on four…
I only have 5 days. Which sunglasses would you keep?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lodi Farmers Market

Unfortunately this farmers market was the last of the season. Throughout the Summer my husband I drive to my home town and enjoy a lovely stroll down School St. The town offers alluring shops and restaurants that are nostalgic for me. Honestly the prices of most of the produce are a little pricey. However I find some of my favorite items located under their little white tents.
(I love chhhheeeeessseeee)
(This photo made me soo excited! Pumpkins are here!)
(The grapes were delicious and nutritious)
(Back away from the Habanero Peppers)
(Kettle corn is my usual farmers market souvenir)
(This is such a clever idea. I really admire La Bella Mobile Boutique and I was eyeing that hat all night)
(My little lady and a wonderful bouquet of flowers)
(Of course the Margherita Pizza is the best!)
Im sad to say that there are not too many photos of our family from the farmers market. Because there was a point in that night when everyone was hungry. We actually fell into the HANGRY category. We didn’t eat a good dinner and when you go to a farmers market surrounded by delicious food, it’s very hard not to buy everything you see and smell. I have fallen in love with The Dancing Fox confectionaries and will always buy their meringues. But I can not live on that alone. My husband bought the kids fudge from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and they didn't have fun after that sugar spike! So we ended the night earlier than I wanted. It was a sorrow goodbye to the Lodi Farmers Market.